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Seawater Pump Ports QSB 6.7 Fuel GPH vs BHP QSL or C 8.3-4-groove PTO drive Propping Electronic Engines QSB Fuel Actuator Spicer Flange Yoke Heat Exchanger in Need of Service "ROWDY" (Searching Google, you can find many references to the boats racing activities over the last few years) Another custom fiberglass muffler 6BTA JWAC - Boost Hose to Aneroid & Measuring Fuel Pressure Thermostat On-Engine Fuse / Reset Button Cummins QSB 5.9 QSB 6.7 CM2250 Processor ECM 6LPA Aneroid & Sensing hose 6CTA 8.3 430/450C Fuel cooler Removal Fuel and Horsepower Typical Signs of a Sherwood Seawater or Raw Water Pump Leakage Figure 17 QSB5.9 vs QSB 6.7 HPCR Fuel System Shaft Angle in Relation to the Hatch & Deck Starter, Crank & Fuel Solenoid Wiring Circuit Aftercooler Slime A ZF220A with rotary valve Cummins SmartCraft DieselView Display A Clogged aftercooler does this SMARTCRAFT Vessel Adapter Harness. Ignition circut for QSB, QSC, QSL, QSM. Cut lead and engine will stop Used for shut down systems like the 'Fireboy'. Less than 1 amp Cabin Heater Connection Ports for QSB 6.7 & QSB 5.9 Shift Lever & Prop Shaft Spin Direction Cummins Marine High Mount Turbo Option Identifying Spinning Engine Components Cummins QSL 9 Aftercooler Discoloration from High Loads or Turbo Boost Cummins QSB 5.9 A "Low Hour" Engine Propeller Shaft ZF 220A Rotary Troll Valve assembly