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Boost Fitting Locations for 6CTA 450 Diamond ZF280A_transmission_mounting_brackets s01 A ZF220A with rotary valve How to find your Cummins Marine Engine Details New Turbo vs 27000 hours turbo ZF63A Senders Cummins Position Sensor Cap Screw Torque Values Big Nut vs. Little Nut 6CTA 8.3 450 Diamond Thermostat Housing Shift Lever & Prop Shaft Spin Direction Arcusaflex - ASK Cardan Shaft Coupling Diode Isolator Alternator hook-up ZF 220A Rotary Troll Valve assembly Jigging_up_u-joint_angles__v-drive_alignment large-frame-bracketing-1 Coretesting_01 Starboard Exhaust for a 670 QSM - 4" Dry Riser to 6" wet mixer NS_EngineLife-Loading_1 Isloator View -Side  (2) QSM11 Wet Exhaust Riser Test Port Location B-Series-Head-torque long-block Aftercooler Condensation Drain Port Measuring for a custom exhaust riser from drawings / dimensions supplied from owner 2000 miles away. offset-shaft-log (8) Cummins Marine 4BTA 3.9 NS_EngineLife-Loading_1 Modified QSB 5.9 with Fuel Cooler Removed Fuel_Tank_Pick-up__Balance_Design ZF Pump removal & likely leak spot BellHousingMesurement Mar2011 Oil Pressure check point 6LPA Aneroid & Sensing hose Custom Dry Exhaust Wraps Turbo Clip Early Style ZF 280A Marine Transmission Starter, Crank & Fuel Solenoid Wiring Circuit Cummins 4BT Turbo at 33000+ hours — from a 47Kw Custom SMX generator QSM11 PTO Steering Pump Oil Pressure Port Locations for Cummins 6CTA 8.3 Aftercooler Assembly QSC & QSL 9 Heater hook-up Cummins Marine 4B, 4BT, 4BTA Boost Fitting Location QSL9 EPA Tier 3 Fuel System Propeller Shaft QSM11 Wet Exhaust Riser Test Port Location (EGT, Pyro) ZF 280 MB15 Shift Valve Gear Oil Pressure Port FRPExhaust13 Propeller Shaft Strut Mock-up Delco 3-Wire Alternator with 3-Spade Terminal Plug Heat Exchanger in Need of Service Propeller Disc Area Ratio (DAR) B_series_aftercooler_types_(4) isolator-pic3 Measuring Gear Clearance to Bottom of hull  (1) Cummins Marine 6BTA 330B or 370B Throttle Cable Bracket A "Low Hour" Engine QSM_front_drive_PTO_(2) hynautic-steering-hose-diameters Proper Shaft Packings (3)