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Anchor ENDURE Flush Mount Design Hatch


Shipping Weight

35 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 26 × 26 × 5 in
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The hatches on your boat not only should look good and solid, but be a long-time investment.  Our hatches are made of a 1/4″ marine grade 5086 anodized aluminum cover and 1/8″ stainless steel frame.  Our benchmark design does not have the metals come in contact with each other to cause premature corrosion.  We carry standard sizes in our Canadian and US warehouses and can make any custom size to fit your application

  • 5086 marine grade anodized aluminum cover ¼’’ thick
  • 5 Bar aluminum for more grip
  • Replaceable double lip EPDM gasket installed on frame
  • Low profile, flush mounting design
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame & locking mechanism
  • Transport Canada mandated rope attachment
  • Available in 8 standard sizes & custom sizes on request
  • T-wrench available

All our hatches are tested to not leak in our facility prior to packaging and shipping.  A solid installation is necessary to ensure you don’t get any perimeter leaks. Click here to view our installation instructions.

ENDURE Hatches Specs

Model Clear Opening Cover Deck Cut-Out Over Deck Flange
ENDURE-1212 10″x10″ 11-3/4’’x11-3/4’’ 12–1/4″x12–1/4″ 15–1/4″x15–1/4″
ENDURE-1624 14″x22″ 15-3/4’’x23-3/4’’ 16–1/4″x24–1/4″ 19–1/4″x27–1/4″
ENDURE-2030 18″x28″ 19-3/4’’x29-3/4’’ 20–1/4″x30–1/4″ 23–1/4″x33–1/4″
ENDURE-2424 22″x22″ 23-3/4’’x23-3/4’’ 24–1/4″x24–1/4″ 27–1/4″x27–1/4″
ENDURE-2430 22″x28″ 23-3/4’’x29-3/4’’ 24–1/4″x30–1/4″ 27–1/4″x33–1/4″
ENDURE-2436 22″x34″ 23-3/4’’x35-3/4’’ 24–1/4″x36–1/4″ 27–1/4″x39–1/4″
ENDURE-2448 22″x46″ 23-3/4’’x47-3/4’’ 24–1/4″x48–1/4″ 27–1/4″x51–1/4″