Seaboard Marine hooked up with S&B Filters to develop our own line of filters to fit the most popular marine diesel engines in the world, the Cummins B & C Series marine diesels. About 20+ years ago we got tired of dealing with paper-based air cleaners from Fleetguard and Donaldson. These filters were high quality air cleaners that were developed for trucks and off-road equipment that did a great job protecting the engines from inhaling dust, dirt, etc. in the worst of environments, except one: The MARINE ENGINE ROOM, where humidity can be close to 100%, temperatures can easily exceed 100°F, and “flying salt water mist” can be the norm. There’s just no way any type of paper, or even treated paper air filters, can be effective in this type of environment.

** Important Note: S&B Air Filters DO NOT replace Walker Air-Sep filter elements! **

QSM Filter Kit - DRY Manifold QSM 11 (530 HP and up)
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QSM Filter Kit - WET QSM 11 (450 HP or less)
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Cummins Marine QSC / QSL CCV Breather (3964092)
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QSB 5.9 Walker AirSep Air Filter Kit
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