Vulkan Torflex Coupling ZF 280 Series Kit

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Includes high-strength flywheel mounting hardware

Fits SAE 11.5″ Flywheels

Fits Cummins 6B 5.9, 6CTA 8.3, QSB 5.9, QSB 6.7, QSC 8.3 (And any other engine that uses an 11.5″ SAE Flywheel)

Vulkan Part: 1KT4110027
Vulkan Drawing: 1KT4100027

Shipping Weight

35 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in

In stock


Torque range
0.25 kNm – 1.60 kNm

Bell housing installations in pleasure crafts

Increased demands on drive systems require special solutions within the use of highly flexible couplings. These demands include a silent and smooth operation even at low running speeds during idling.. To meet these requirements, VULKAN has developed the TORFLEX, a dual-stage coupling with progressive stiffness characteristics. Recognizable less vibration can be achieved due to the optimized design. The TORFLEX coupling is exclusively intended for installation in bellhousing  applications and can be used where the gearbox input shaft has an external spline or will be used as oilpressfit.


  • For maximum comfort: Smooth and quiet running for applications with low idling speeds
  • With oil press fit (cone 1:30) and safety device against racing to maintain the manoeuvring capability in emergency operation

The VULKAN TORFLEX coupling is suitable in the torque range between 0.25 kNm up to 1.60 kNm for pleasure craft applications with not more than 500 operating hours per year. For work boats in the torque range e.g. sport fishing boats, pilot boats, ferries, boats with trolling valves or 2 speed-gears we offer our VULKARDAN E in natural rubber or silicone execution as a more suitable product. The VULKARDAN E catalogue is available on request.

Increased demands on the drive systems such as low idle-running speeds and quiet operation of the gearbox require special concepts of highly flexible couplings.

For this VULKAN developed the TORFLEX coupling with progressive stiffness characteristics using a patented unique technical principle with two special curved chambers.

The coupling is intended for installations in bell-housings and can be used for gear input shafts with both conical boring (1:30) or splined shafts.

As the coupling reaches under torque a deflection angle of 25°, a soft silicone element is used in parallel either to reach the required low stiffness while idling and always ensure the defined position when reducing the torque to zero-torque demand.

While operating in the middle and full torque range the roller coupling transmits the torque by squeezing the rollers in the already mentioned chambers. Due to this the reaction forces increase and produce a progressive characteristic. As the deformation of the rollers only take place within the allowable elasticity of the material, the rollers will always remain to their initial design after release. All TORFLEX couplings are fail safe by design and allow in case of broken elastomer elements an emergency connection and manoeuvring on reduced power.

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  1. Jeffrey

    Replaced my 17 year old Centax couplers with a pair of these Vulkans. RPM smoother than the herky jerky old couplers. Thanks to Brad, was able to ID the part and have my mechanic put them in at the slip. 6CTAs. Jeff

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