Reliable, Clean, Quiet – and Powerful.

Seaboard Marine offers a full line of both Commercial and Recreational Marine Diesel Engines, marine application engineering services and a Global Parts and Service network.

Cummins recreational propulsion engines from 5.9 to 11L offer advancements in diesel technology that give recreational boaters the freedom to cruise farther, enjoy a smoother, quieter ride with virtually no fumes and experience a level of power and fuel economy never before realized in diesel power. Whether you enjoy day cruises with your family, season-long excursions or sport fishing in the islands, you can count on Cummins power for maximum reliability, performance and safety.

Seaboard & Cummins also understands that every job is critical to keep your business on track. That’s why we offer a complete line of propulsion, generating set and auxiliary power solutions from 6.7 to 95 L designed specifically for the challenges of commercial marine applications. For more information on Cummins commercial marine engines, please contact Seaboard Marine.

Recreational and Commercial Propulsion

Cummins QSB 5.9

QSB 5.9 for Marine

The QSB 5.9 is EPA T2 and is only currently available as a FACTORY NEW “RECON”

Power 230 – 480 hp
Torque 510 – 942 lb-ft

Cummins QSB 6.7

QSB 6.7 for Marine

Power 230 – 550 hp
Torque 720 – 1250 lb-ft

Cummins QSC 8.3

QSC 8.3 for Marine

Power 490 – 600 hp
Torque 1327 lb-ft

QSL 9 for Marine

Power 290 – 410 hp
Torque 1064 – 1162 lb-ft

QSM 11 for Marine

Power 300 – 715 hp
Torque 1160 – 1750 lb-ft

Cummins Marine QSB 6.7 Slimline Edition

QSB 6.7 Slimline for Marine

Power 355 – 425 hp
Torque 720 – 1250 lb-ft