How to choose the correct Belt Tensioner for your engine:

There are basically around 5 available Belt Tensioners for the Cummins Marine diesel engines. Before selecting the appropriate tensioner, you must first determine your engines Critical Parts List (CPL). You can find your engine CPL on the engines DATA TAG. If you need help finding your engine CPL number, please reference the following article: How to Find your Cummins Marine Engine Details

Don’t see your engine CPL in the list below? Drop us a note with your engine serial number (ESN) and we will verify the correct tensioner.

CUMMINS PART39708225333477533347853334805333486
ENGINE CPL8017, 8419741, 1221, 1282, 1570, 1613, 1928, 1929, 2172, 2197, 2208, 2833, 2891, 80891322953, 970, 1247, 8464 1975, 2205, 2956