Completed major maintenance on my Cummins 370’s. Zincs, 4- after cooler brass caps and o rings, hoses and clamps, new raw water pumps and heat exchangers. Seaboard helped me get it done, they are very nice to deal with and know their stuff.

Jack Cheetham

Completed Maintenance….

Your company has been a life saver for me. Bought a Carver with twin Cummins over a year ago in Virgin Islands . With your web site and how Too videos and your amazing professional service in getting the parts I need in a day or two all the way here! And it’s the little stuff , when you buy a servicing kit, you include everything you possibly need like grease ,brush, oil to loosen the bolts ( and that kroil really works ). You don’t find company’s like that anymore.

Thanks for being there.

Robert Heins

Life saver

Hello Tony, Corey, Kevin and the gang at SB Marine 

Oops, almost forgot to send this to y’all.

Just wanted to thank you all for everything you helped us with to enable us to make a safe voyage / delivery 

We successfully delivered the Cabo 32 Express with twin 5.9L Cummins 425HP to the Cayman Islands.

The engines have approx. 1100 hours on them so they were and are in good shape.

The trip went without any issues at all.

In fact we didn’t use a drop of oil, tranny fluid, nor coolant.

Your new CCV kits and engine mounts worked great, kept the engine room clean as promised, so just wanted to give you all a big thank you for all your help and guidance with everything.

Was approx. 810 total miles from Jupiter Florida to Grand Cayman via Tavernier to Key West, then around the west end of Cuba to home.

Didn’t need any of the spare parts we purchased from you while out at sea, but sure felt good to have them on board.

So once again, big thanks for all you did for us from your spot out there on the west coast …. You all are a great source of Cummins parts and invaluable experience and guidance …And we won’t hesitate to you use your services again whenever the opportunity arises.

Warm Regards

Allen and Nancita

Never to late to say thank you


Just wanted to thank you guys for such a quick fulfillment of my recent order for two thermostats. Really appreciate it as it means we can get back to our commercial fishing operations before the 4th of July. You guys have a wonderful website with a tremendous wealth of useful information made freely available to all and in addition have wonderful people working behind the scenes getting orders out the door and making the business run smoothly. Will definitely be ordering again from you all in the future. Keep up the excellent work!


Ryan Adickes

Speedy Order Fulfillment

Tony,  I just recently placed an order with your company, this is the second time now.  I just have to say that I wished that every company was a efficient as yours.  The orders are shipped as quickly as they’re  entered it seems.  I submitted my order with you at the same time as I did with another company.  My order with you is already on the way, the other company is still “Pending” whatever that may mean.  I just wished everything I needed could be fulfilled by your company.

My previous order was for trolling valves for ZF 220s.  Thanks to your help, they’re functional.  They may be unpredictable, but at least I have something that I can live.  With no other game in town, you saved my fishing boat!


John Fliegel

Awesome service

Received my rebuilt SMX pumps a couple days ago. They look great and love the SMX engraving on the face plate. Too bad the pumps are so low on the engine. Thanks to the crew at Seaboard for helping me out. And the shipping department is awesome. I received my package and all contents were in perfect order. Tony you and Seaboard do it right. First class!! Another satisfied returning customer.

Thank you
And Merry Christmas Seaboard

Gary Dodge
Jupiter Fl

Merry Christmas Seaboard

Hi tony .. 

sorry this is long overdue .. just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to have Rob out to visit me and my new formula 40pc with 2 5.9 cummin qsb’s  in them 

rob spent a good part of the day with me and we went though most everything in the engine room and we even tweaked a few things that were loose and out of place ..

rob thanks again and i hope to be able t use yourself and the message board as a valuable resource in the future. 

thanks to all at SBM


Raymond Gonzalez

New Formula 40PC with QSBs - New York

I just want to thank you for such an amazing website.  I purchased a 2000 Riviera 43 just over a year ago.  It is my first Diesel Boat.  Your website with your tips, videos, etc, etc. are priceless in learning how to care for my engines.  It is awesome to have an understanding of how everything works and what to do to keep it tip top.


Skip Payne

Riviera 43

Tony —

I sent the builder of my new boat to Seaboard to order low profile flush mount SMX displays for the Cummins QSB 6.7 550s that he will be installing, as well as some Wolverine heaters and “double double” filter assemblies.

When I was talking to the fellow who runs the yard, Bill Schwabe at Lightning Yachts (a small custom cold-molded NC builder) today,  he mentioned that Corey had been incredibly helpful and thorough in working to specify all of the harnesses and other items necessary to complete the installation, which is different from any that Bill has done previously that all had Smartcraft. Corey spoke directly to Bill’s Cummins factory rep to ensure that everything was correct in the engine order specifications.

This was all really helpful and I just wanted to thank you for all of the support and put in a word of praise for Corey.

I really did not want to use the new style Smartcraft displays built on the Simrad plotters.  What moron thought that a crude picture of a tachometer with no numbers was a good way to manage a Diesel? As poor as the old Smartcraft displays might have been, I think the new ones might be even worse.


Fred Khedouri

Flush mount SMX displays

Tony et al,

Thank you for all your help and systems.   the new fuel filtration system for my Farallon 3200, with the Double Double Quantum Kit, Squeeze Bulb Kit, extensive input from Tony’s Tips and directly via email.

It turned out well, started right up, no leaks, and is a huge improvement over the original Farallon installation.


Quantum DD Kit

Tony, Just wanted to send you a personal note and say the Wolverine kit Seaboard sent was way better and easier than I expected to install. The project was a single afternoon and was really straight forward. I also just changed the FS1000 and my last resort filters. I decided to cut both the FS1000 and the engine filters open and see what they looked like. The FS1000 looked nasty, but the on engine filters looked quite good. Would you like pictures? Thanks again for all you do. Seaboard has been an incredible help to me over the years! -Matt

Wolverine kits

Hello Tony,

I would just like to thank you for your advice on changing my prop to obtain the correct WOT. Last week the boat was put back in the water with the newly adjusted propeller (2″ of pitch removed) and the results is astonishing..

With a clean bottom, full fuel tank and deck loaded with 800kg, the boat reached 2600 rpm in poor weather conditions (2 – 3 meter northerly swell with a south east force 5/6 creating a confused sea. Ha, typical weather for us here in the north sea). I am sure that if I waited for the perfect conditions (flat sea with big tides assisting) I would of seen 2700 rpm, but time is money and it is very rare to have such conditions in the north sea during the winter.

During holding the throttle at WOT an indicated speed of 28 knots was observed but still climbing before I back her off. That is the last time she will see such speeds as the throttle has now been restricted to 2200 rpm.

The biggest notice was  how the engine now sounds, the pyro readings and fuel consumption. The motor sounds free, loose, happy (if that makes an sense) and she clearly boost as the turbo sound is far noticeable now. I have lost 150 to 200 degree F exhaust temp across the rev range and the fuel consumption has degreased (but not yet confirmed however) with the last 5 charters averaging 2.5 gal/hr during a full days fishing, result.

Now my maximum operating range is 2000 rpm, if sea state allows, which returns a speed of 17.5 to 20 knots with all parameters stable and the pyro sitting at 720/750 degree Fahrenheit. At the throttle restriction, 2200 rpm, hull speed is reached at 23 – 25 knots with all parameters stable and the pyro sitting at 700/720 degree Fahrenheit. However, during the last 5 charters and due to the sea state I been running at 1750 rpm to make it more comfortable for the guys on the deck, this still returning a 14.5 to 15.5 knots..

I am a very happy and now understand what it is like to have the boat and engine working in perfect harmony.

Once again Tony, thank you for your advice, your a legend..


Jamie Redman

Propping of a Cummins 6CTA

I bought my first diesel powered boat in 2011; a medium size MY with Cummins 330’s. I was with the Mechanic during the engine survey and found a very trusting and knowledgable attitude with him. After purchase , our initial trip was about 400 miles from New Bern NC to the northern Chesapeake. The trip was perfect and the boat ran flawlessly. During that first year I called him several times with various questions about my new “babies” under my salon.; and he was very helpful and I learned a lot. Soon after, I was told about the importance of proper and frequent after cooler maintenance when I spoke to Brad from Seaboard. His confidence and knowledge of these engines is beyond belief. I purchased the proper gaskets and sealant for the after coolers from them, and now it s a regular part of my annual tune up. This past year, I called them with questions about a leaking seawater pump; Corey answered my concerns and soon after I bought a new SMX pump had it installed by a local mechanic. He works on Cummins more than any other engine, and after seeing the SMX pump, with the splined impeller with its easy to remove feature, and it’s robust construction he was impressed.
In a nutshell, I feel like I have a supreme confidence in my boat now that I ve addressed some of the most prevalent
issues facing these power plants, and most of this is due to the kind advice and time that the staff at Seaboard has given me.

Mike Q

Mike Quinn on the Breaking Dawn

Just received transmission shipping was spot on all the conversations with Tony and Corey trying to find the best solution no pressure just customer service like it should be with all the answers wouldn’t deal with anyone else Thanks Jim S

James Schupbach

A few years back due to neglect I had to replace my B Aftercoolers and decided to get the Enviro-Vent system too. Of course Tony insisted on servicing these brand new Aftercoolers before sending them out. After getting the boat back together . The first Thing I noticed was how free the cabin was of fumes. This made the better half very happy .( she hated the diesels before ) The Envro system was money well spent.

When years later it came time to service the Aftercoolers I expected the worst and put it off remembering the old ones. Well let me tell you the Aftercoolers just slid apart thanks to Tony’s service before the sale. I expect the next service to be just as easy as I used the “service kit” that came with the Aftercoolers .

Thank you Tony and Seaboard Marine

P Foster

money well spent

Hello Brad,

All the parcels have now arrived safely to me with no damage, I would just like to thank yourself and your team on a fantastic service provided by Seaboard Marine.

I have already recommended your company to another friend here at home also with 670hp Cummings engines.

Cheers and thanks again.

Gordon Riley


670hp Cummins engines - NSW, Australia

Mr Athens, Thank you for your guidance in fixing the ram on my boat Cap’n Hook I sincerely appreciate your kindness and honesty, something rarely found in todays world. Once I broke the tightness of the ‘circle thingy’ it took 1 and 1/4 turn to snug it up. I will keep you and your company at the top of the list in my book when i need something that you have. I will also tell everyone I know about your company. If you are ever in Honolulu feel free to look me up. Also if there is anything i can do for you feel free to ask i will do my best to help…

Mahalo and A Hui Hou

Cap’n Hook - The Sandwich Isles

“Just purchased the SMX ED4 as a direct replacement for an ED1 in a 2004 vessel with a cummins 480ce power plant. Considering that the Cummins tech wanted to do a one hour diagnostic along with a 2hr trip charge I was looking at $400 before we even started discussing the parts. Everyone knows how “resonable”Cummins parts are!!! Yeah right. At that point I knew I couln’t go wrong with trying this part. Any 10 year old ED1 display is on borrowed time as it is.

Anyway after speaking with Corey I tried this part. It took five minutes to install and worked perfectly. Fits in the same mounting location. They even include the plastic mounting studs and finger screws. Back on the water working again. If your display is flickering, has lines across it, is dark in the center its time to replace.

As important as it is for a part to work as described, it’s equally important to be able to reach out to your vendors. SBMAR was easy to reach and had excellent professional customer service. Thanks guys. Appreciated that.”

Bob B. – Tiderunner Marine Services LLC

“Just wanted to say thanks for the info you have on you web site about building wet exhausts. I’m going to be working on both of my Yanmar 4LH mixers soon. The knowledge I gained from your article should ensure the job is done correctly. I’m new to diesel boats and am really grateful to you for sharing your wisdom.”

Thanks again.

PJ Sykes

“A quick message of thanks. My new aftercoolers are now both fitted in accordance with your excellent advice.

Tony, thank you for your advice and support.

Brad, thank you for your excellent service. The packages arrived in New Zealand 4 days from my initial order and I had them 3-4 days later.

I’m a happy customer. Kind Regards”

Gordon Benfell

“Tony & Brad, Part got here and as always was exactly what I needed to finish up the job. I really appreciated your coming in early to met me even though I couldn’t make my flight. Service like that is what it is all about and Seaboard excels….”


“Good Morning Tony, UPS just dropped off a pair of 1730 pumps, I am very impressed, not just with the internals but the fit and finish. Your customer service was outstanding over the phone, it is rare to speak with a knowledgeable person with a good attitude. (Brendan)”

Guy & Patty

“Aloha Tony, I stumbled on your website a few days ago and can’t get away from it, I’ve been showing everyone I know with an interest in boats. As a long time boat rebuilder and occasional builder I have to say I haven’t found anything on the web so informative, and I spend considerable time doing research on new ideas, products and technical information.”


“When the builder of our boat was faced with the problem of how to configure the exhaust system, they neglected to factor in gravity. The final build incorporated the supplied Cummings mixer elbow, but installed it oriented up, leaving standing salt water in the mixer with the engine at rest. The pending failure first showed up in a pin-hole leak in the elbow, spilling minute amounts of water down towards the turbo. This was the visible side of things. Entering into a consultation with Tony Athens, he strongly recommended I not wait any longer. When I then removed the riser from the engine, water had actually began to invade the turbo housing; not visible from the outside, but obviously damage was being done.

Having read through everything on the web site, I knew what the fix was. I figured I could have something built closer to home. We have some brilliant welder-fabricators around where I live, but in all cases it was a matter of bring it in – we’ll figure something out’. I dare say this might have worked but i wanted a more definitive solution. Biting down, I engaged Seaboard to provide a new exhaust riser from turbo to muffler. The consultation was very good. Tony was very responsive, interested in the solution, and obviously knew what he was talking about. Lots of photos, measurements, and drawings later, I received the complete system. I am impressed – this thing is built to go the distance. Took me about an hour to install in the cramped space existing. Not completely satisfied with my installation (oh it would have been fine he said) Tony suggested a couple of tweaks. The point here is that Seaboard didn’t just provide me with a new exhaust – they provided me with a solution and made sure it was done right. So whatever the cost was, the knowledge that the problem is gone away and that everything is Better that Factory’ is worth much more to me than the dollars. Thanks very much Tony, to you and your crew. Would I recommend Seaboard to others? In a New York minute – no question!”

John Devlin – Mystic Passage

“Great. Thanks so much. I will be strongly recommending Seaboard Marine’s customer service, and I hope your pumps. I’m looking forward to running something other than a Sherwood.”


“We bought bought Aqua Adventures Eco Divers here in Isla Mujeres Mexico in July 2012. The company’s 9 meter dive boat had been ridden hard and put away wet! The cummins 5.9BTA-M1 was in rough shape. Tony, Brad and team continue to guide us as we run Amalia daily, taking as many as a dozen divers, 2 tanks each, skipper and crew, having fun in the waters around Isla and Cancun. This is my first work boat, I can’t delay repairs till next weekend!

We are grateful for Brad’s fast response in verifying and shipping parts. We’ve replaced several that were incorrect for the motor. Tony’s and Brad’s expertise in diagnosing problems has helped us greatly in a geographic area where diesel knowledge is hard to come by. They’ve helped guide me through installs, including sending diagrams that go beyond what the cummins quickserve manuals provide.

Most recently, new alternator. We’ve been through mag switch, starter and aftercooler replacement. Probably in the near future, riser and turbo.”

Jim and Daisy Silver –

“If you want the best Cummins service and knowledge you must talk to Tony and Brad at Seaboard Mrine there is no better in the business.

I’ve been running my charter business since 1980 and have never ran into a better group of guys great service and great products that is there a seamax pumps there’s no better raw water pump on the market today so if you want great service and knowledge give seaboard marine a call.”

Aloha doug – Hinatea Sportfishing

“I’m glad these are all minor issues. Big picture, all is as good as can be.

Want to thank you once again for the incredibly professional, timely, and honest performance from beginning to end on the repower. I have been raving about you and Seaboard Marine all over Long Island and to all the guys in Eastern Connecticut I speak to as well.

Thanks again and talk to you soon.”

Ken – FV Brooklyn Girl II, Orient Pt, NY

“Hi there Tony, I just wanted to say it was great to meet you the other day! My father (in law) and I were thoroughly impressed with your level of professionalism and courtesy, you obviously love what you do and it shows. Usually shop owners don’t want anybody to see “what’s behind the scenes” with there customers but you show you are genuine about your business and is confidence inspiring. The lobster boat I could have looked at for another hour just taking in the amount of work and guts to “re-invent the wheel” at the aft section of the keel but you probably would have got tired of me! Anyway, I sent you a few pictures of my Bert and some stages I’ve taken her through. I believe now is the time to have the iron in my hands to continue, as the rest can be built around them. I am in the process of saving for these, and your quote will give me a goal in mind with hard numbers I need, thank you. I have many more pictures if you’d like to see certain areas of the boat, as I said before I did not change any Bertram driveline angles as I think they knew what they were doing as they set this hull up the first time. As we talked about the ZF 220 trans 1.5/1, 10 degree, 6BTA 370’s.

I am looking forward to taking another trip down that way, but with a small U-Haul trailer!”


“I have a pair of Cummins 330s in a 29 Strike and 3 years ago when I bought it I started hounding Tony on what to do. Since then he has advised me to clean aftercoolers, heat exchangers, replace water pumps with seamax pumps, put his envirovent on and last week add his fuel filtration system. I have also bought one of his hydraulic steering cylinders and it makes Seastar look like the junk that it is. When I bought the boat it had 300 hours and now has 1350 on it and runs like a top. Brad sent me the double double fuel filters and everything you need is with it, I also had him rig me up the primer bulbs. Unreal that I did not have to run around looking for this fitting or that, I pulled the Racors off and installed the complete project in less than 2 hours. The Racor had been rebuilt twice and was leaking again so I said I am done with that as I make one way runs offshore of 125 miles every weekend. Now the vacuum guages are pulling 1-2 instead of 3-4 with the Racors. Again I want to thank Tony and Brad for an excellent service they provide, who else can you call and ask questions and get the correct answer from and they are actually friendly, try that at most Diesil shops and see what happens. By the way the Envirovents have kept my engines clean, I am a fanatic on my engines being white and clean after spending hours sanding and repainting. One last thing, I decided this weekend to adjust my aneroids as the boat has been slow to plane even though it turns up 2950 rpms. Being an idiot I failed to tighten the screws that cover the aneroids out on the water thinking I would do it when the cooled down the next morning. Loaded the Boat and never thought about it and about 85 miles out I went to transfer fuel and oil was all over the bilge and engines, they vibrated lose and I lost a quart in each motor. What a mess that was.”

Mr. Racor

“I am in the market for a 40′ Express (have pretty much decided on a Tiara… now just have to find the right one)

So I just spent a week reading the entire Cummins C forum.. and I have to say without question this is the most informational forum I have visited to date! (and I frequent alot of forums.. snowmobiles, dirtbikes, airplanes, boats etc).

Tony, Paul and the rest of the contributors do a phenomenal job of rooting out issues to resolution. Well worth the donation to access member areas!

I have learned the importance of propping correctly, aftercooler maintenance, smoking issue troubleshooting, impeller replacement techniques, and a ton of tips during maintenance!

This will be my first diesel boat after 20+ years of gas boating and look forward to using this resource to answer questions. (the search feature works very well) (I show appreciation for assistance usually in the form of adult beverages!! :)”

Keith M.

“Just wanted to let everyone know what most of you already know. I just ordered a multistage filtration system from Tony and I was impressed on the way it was packed. I ordered four spare filters and each of the items was bubble wrapped. It shows the details on how they handle things.

Tony thanks for your professionalism and all the input that you provide on the forum and in a one to one basis when I have called you despite knowing that I am not in your distribution area.”


“Recently I puchased a 29 foot Strike with twin 330 Cummins, you imagine the tightness of that fit underneath a center console. I had the engines surveyed but lo and behold they missed a freshwater pump leaking, both saltwater pumps leaking and a aftercooler pouring water out the top. After researching on this site I called tony and sent him a aftercooler, the housing was bad so he put me a new one together and pressure tested it. Then came the water pumps, he sold me some of his and walked me through the crazyness of Cummins water pumps, lifting the engine to clear the motor mounts. Last night we lifted the engines and all 3 bolts that held the motor mount in one engine had to be cutoff because the previous pump had been leaking saltwater on them for who knows how long. At the end of the day we got the bolts out and the new pump on and hopefully will be seatrialing again in a couple of days. I could not have done this job without his help and knowledge. Thanks again Tony.”


“Well, the new & improved 15000 impellers have hit the beach. Me & the Bride went to our camp in Coonass land for the long weekend, teaching our two grandsons (8&5) how to fish, using earthworms on cane poles, not explosives like I was taught. Don’t worry guys, we don’t blow them up any more. But it sure got your limit in a hurry back then – the limit was how many you could get in the back of a pickup truck. Got home today to read an email from Tony that he’s shipped the 15000 impellers and I should have them tomorrow. I’m giddy, ready to put them in and forget about blown up impellers for a long time.

Guys, we all need to give Tony a standing ovation for first, listening to us about the crappy Sherwood impellers, and second, doing something about it. Imagine designing a better impeller, then testing it, then finding someone to manufacture it. Lots of folks talk about stuff, but Tony made it happen.

Hip, hip Hoooooooray, TONY, you the MAN!!!!. Now ya’ll quit leaning on our hoes and order some, the raw water pump is the heart of your engine, and a blown impeller will give it a heart attack it will not likely recover from.”

Thanks, Tony


“Tony, I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet. In the January issue of Power and Motoryacht, you get a full page of compliments on this web site from Editor-In-Chief Richard Thiel. The write-up is on page 20 in the editor’s regular column “Lead Line”.

It looks like he doesn’t fully appreciate your mantra that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” but I think most of us here do.

National recognition for Tony is well deserved and a chip shot. I’ve bought from him, read his advice like we read Dr. Spock when the kids were little, and he is hereby declared a NATIONAL TREASURE. Always willing to listen, give his considered, and deeply experienced expert advice, not afraid to call b.s. when need be – and indeed, a man who has helped ole Uncle Vic Keep The Faith to become a true steward of Another Joy, my old Bertram 31 with 6BTA 250’s, and keep her catching marlin. Thanks, Tony.”

ole Uncle Vic

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