6BTA 5.9 Marine EnviroVent CCV Kit
EnviroVent CCV Kit 6BTA Series for V-Drive Engines
not rated $350.00

Engine Blow-By Condition

For engines that are experiencing heavy blow-by AND you have enough vertical clearance above the #6 valve cover, then you can add an extension that will greatly mitigate the engine blow-by. Typical length of the valve cover extension is between 4″ – 8″.

Extension Kit Information

If you have chosen to add an extension kit to your EnviroVent product to better mitigate your engine’s blow-by condition, please enter the length in inches that you have available above the #6 valve cover.

QSB 5.9 Marine EnviroVent CCV Kit
not rated $300.00

Existing CCV System * 

Please choose whether you’re replacing an existing Walker AirSEP system.