The most simple & reliable CCV system for your Cummins Marine Diesel

The EnviroVent CCV kit is a simple and cost effective CCV system for your Cummins B, C, & L series marine diesel. The Envirovent was designed to be the perfect and simple upgrade replacement for the very troublesome factory supplied Walker System that can cause so much unnecessary grief on any B series Cummins.

6BTA 5.9 Marine EnviroVent CCV Kit
EnviroVent CCV Kit 6BTA Series for V-Drive Setups or other Unique Applications
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Engine Blow-By Condition

For engines that are experiencing heavy blow-by AND you have enough vertical clearance above the #6 valve cover, then you can add an extension that will greatly mitigate the engine blow-by. Typical length of the valve cover extension is between 4″ – 8″.

Extension Kit Information

If you have chosen to add an extension kit to your EnviroVent product to better mitigate your engine’s blow-by condition, please enter the length in inches that you have available above the #6 valve cover.

QSB 5.9 Marine EnviroVent CCV Kit
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EnviroVent CCV Kit for Yanmar 4LHA
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Cummins Marine Mechanical Engine Oil Fill Cap (SMX EnviroVent)
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