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ZF220A & ZF220V Shift Valve Lever Repair Kit


Are you dealing with shifting Problems on your ZF220?

In a not-so-perfect marine engine room environment – the area direclty underneath the shift valve lever on the ZF220A & ZF220V models over time can become corroded due to accumulation of saltwater. If left alone long enough, the corrosion will begin to prevent the shift lever from properly turning and engaging the gears.

Shift Lever

Shift Lever (Optional). Refer to pictures below:

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ZF 220A & ZF 220V Shift Valve Lever Repair Tutorial

  • 1. Tools Required for Disassembly

  • 2. Remove Roll Pin with Punch and Small Hammer

  • 3. Once Pin is Removed, Release Shift Lever from Spool Valve

  • 4. Remove Ball Bearing and Heavy Duty Spring

  • 5. With Clip Pliers, Remove the Cir-Clip, Washers, & Thrust Bearing

  • 6. Remove Spool Valve, Replace O-Ring and Clean Area Thoroughly

  • 7. Replace Spool Valve After Cleaning

  • 8. After Applying Lots of Grease, Replace Washers & Thrust Bearing Press Firmly with a Socket While Fastening the Cir-Clip

  • 9. Once Cir-Clip is in Place, Set the Ball Bearing and Valve Lever

  • 10. Use a Punch to Fasten the Roll Pin

  • 11. Shift Lever Position on the ZF220A & ZF220V Marine Transmissions

Shift Valve Lever Repair Images



220A Rotary Valve --In need of help 220A Spool Valves


Lever & Detent Parts The pieces to the puzzle Thrust Washer pieces and Clips zf220A-shift1



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