Shift & Throttle Control Cables

ZF Marine 220A Shift Cable Bracket
not rated $85.00
SMX Stainless 3300 Clamp & Shim Kit
not rated $10.00
Teleflex Morse Cable Mounting Clip
Teleflex Morse Cable Mounting Clip
not rated $15.00

Out of stock

SMX Control Cable Ball Joint
SMX C33 Control Cable Ball Joint Full Dimensions
not rated 1 for $10 ea.
2-3 for $9 ea.
4+ for $8 ea.
Teleflex Xtreme C33 Control Cable
not rated Starting at $40

Cable Length * 

Please choose the cable length. Base cost of cable up to 10 feet is $40. Longer lengths will add additional cost. See below and choose your desired length.