Seaboard has put together a collection of both alarm panels and switches that when used together, create a redundant engine monitoring and alarming system to help protect against overheats, low pressure states, and other catastrophic failures.


ZF Neutral Safety Switch
not rated $55.00
SMX Simple Low Pressure Alarm Switch
not rated $25.00
SMX Gear Oil Pressure Alarm Switch
not rated $55.00
SMX Transmission Oil Pressure Alarm Panel
not rated $60.00
SMX Brass Temperature Switch Adapter (1/2" NPT)
not rated $35.00
Cooling Water Flow Detector - 3/4" MPT
not rated $65.00

In stock

Engine Raw Water Flow Panel with Alarm Buzzer
not rated $45.00

In stock

Piezo Alarm Buzzer
not rated $25.00
Marine 5 pin relay
not rated QTY 1-2   $15.00
QTY  2-3   $12.50
QTY 4-10   $10.00
SMX Deluxe Engine / Transmission Alarm Panel
not rated $99.00

Add Alarm Switches to your Panel

Here you can choose which alarm switches you would like to have included with the alarm panel.