Seaboard Marine has been designing and fabricating custom marine exhaust systems for more than 20+ years. Designing a marine exhaust system for a boat is something that apparently takes a back seat during the planning stages when performing a repower and problems also seem to show up far too often even in new boat construction. So many times, the design of many systems seems to center around the “cookie cutter” philosophy, as builders always seem to want to or work around a factory designed wet elbow system that is supposed to “fit all”. Besides that, many new builders are more concerned about getting the engine below a low deck than worrying about the exhaust and exhaust turbo outlet of the engine being close, at, or BELOW the water line.

1) Consultation & Discovery

At the initial stage of the process, Seaboard’s direct interaction with the boat owner is critical to establish a baseline for the overall exhaust project, which really means assessing current application requirements and client’s existing configuration. From that, we develop the overall project scope which includes defining elements such as engine room space, engine to deck height, combing and other obstruction clearances, determining the vessels statics & running loaded water lines, looking at current mufflers and / or possible new mufflers, current exhaust routing and possible modifications to that, and most important – Are we using all the available height inside the engine to room make the new system as safe as possible. These all play a significant role in developing the appropriate strategy and engineering needed to making a custom exhaust system.

2) Visual Assessment (via Emails & Photos)

A visual assessment is a key component of the process as it allows the designer to better understand the environment the new exhaust system will be integrated into. Since most exhaust systems are designed and fabricated remotely from the boat, taking accurate measurements and providing “clear & in-focus” photos ensures a seamless installation of the exhaust system at the end of the project.

3) Budgetary Proposal

Once the initial consultation, discovery, and assessment has been completed, a bid will be provided to the boat owner which will detail all of the timing and costs associated with the custom design and fabrication process. Pricing and timing will generally be determined by factors such as materials cost, anticipated labor, and system complexity.

4) System Design & Mock-Up

Seaboard Marine specializes in the development of well designed marine exhaust systems that will stand the test of time in the harsh marine environment. Time and time again we encounter situations where poor builder exhaust system design yields catastrophic results. At Seaboard, we ensure that the exhaust system design is “inherently safe” (always use gravity to it fullest extent in the design) for the entire system from the engine exit point (the turbo outlet in most cases) all the way to where the exhaust leaves the boat.

5) Fabrication and Thermal Wrap Design

Exhaust systems are created with the highest quality materials and design processes. All exhaust systems are mocked at our shop in Oxnard, CA where we re-create your engine room and current exhaust system with all of the customer provided measurements. Seaboard uses 100% 316L stainless steel tubing and elbows with precision TIG welding in our fabrication process. We developed our own jigs & dies to make our parts a cut above in design & fit. Our “mixers” are of our own unique design and outperforms all other designs by supplying a balanced spray pattern for superior mixing at all engine speeds and lowers restriction while increasing exhaust velocity through the mixer. This has in many cases, allowed a smaller diameter system and a more compact system while still meeting all exhaust back-pressure requirements.

After the system is made, we use exhaust wrap made to our spec by Advanced Thermal Products in Irvine Ca. Yes, they are more expensive, but that’s the cost of quality & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6) Delivery, Post-Installation Review, & Customer Feedback

Once the exhaust system is disassembled, packaged, and shipped, a post-review is performed with Tony personally to ensure that the system installed as expected and that all system requirements are met.

That’s the follow up we all need to ensure that not only our system works as designed and looks like it belongs in the engine room, but the customer is fully satisfied with the end result of the project and something that he can proudly show his boating buddies.

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