Rob Schepis Marine Diesel Pre Purchase SurveySearching for that next boat? Maybe it’s your first boat?  If it’s diesel powered, you’ve come to the right place.  Is it gas powered and you’re wondering if it’s a diesel repower candidate?  Again, you’ve come to the right place.  In a diesel powered boat it’s “what’s under the hood” that is a major factor in setting her listed asking and ultimate selling price and determining her real value.

Allow Tony Athens, Rob Schepis, and the Seaboard Team to consult with you on that sought-after boat.  Being custom diesel repower specialists not only means that Tony, Rob and the Team have extensive knowledge of all aspects of power-trains but we have exposure to boats of all kinds. From hardcore fishing machines to family cruisers and everything in between we’ve repowered or serviced them.  Being boaters ourselves, we can also offer personal experience as to what may or may not work for the buyers intentions.

Bringing us in as early in the process as possible can save you, the buyer, both time and money.  As Tony has preached for decades, providing us with quality photos puts us on your boat. Bringing us in and providing good photos puts us on “that” boat.  For the purpose of this pre-purchase consult service we can start the process as early as an initial look at the listing and what the listing photos may or may not depict.  In some cases this may be enough to raise enough red flags that to move on is the best bet.  The photos could also show that this could be the time to advise you of what needs definite closer inspection with more follow-up details and photos.

This important piece can be accomplished here for considerably less cost and in considerably less time than trying to locate and schedule a marine surveyor, engine surveyor or qualified mechanic. Don’t spend the hours of coordination and thousands of dollars when you could get the Seaboard Team involved beforehand. Those costly surveyor and mechanical inspections only come after back and forth pre-contract negotiations, purchase contracts and a deposit, which may all be for nothing in the end.  Surveys may come later as follow-up, but how many times have you heard of a potential buyer complaining of the weeks and weeks of wasted time and thousands spent on experts and haul-outs just to walk away from a deal and to start the “process” all over again on the next boat.

Let us help keep boat shopping fun, by getting us involved early in the process. Don’t let your precious time and hard earned dollars go to waste. Consider the Seaboard Team for a pre-purchase consult on your next boat!

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