#9 SMX 501 Filter Head Kit


Shipping Weight

5 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 in

In stock

Threaded Filter head Insert *

Please choose the threaded insert to be included with the filter head by choosing which Fleetguard filter you will be using with the SMX 501 head.

Vacuum Gauge Option


We added a Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized “marine-tuff”™ black coating to all external surfaces. This Mil-Spec treatment eliminates the problem of corroded steel brackets and bubbling pot metal in the engine room or compartment and when externally mounted under a truck. This coating also accepts paint like no other for matching a particular color scheme if desired. SMX filter head designs are so unique that they allow us to offer 7 different “kits” along with various options to meet any need and address your fuel filtration needs on a custom basis.  All of our systems are built to “Fit Your Vessel,” based on space and location requirements, and YOUR application (low-time recreational use that just needs extra protection for the engines, OR the operator that runs hard and long with old fuel tanks full of guck).  We always knew that “one size doesn’t fit all” as you are led to believe by the OEMs or boat brokers that sell boats. All they seem to know is the word “Racor” and think that is the gospel.

501 Filter head Drawing
501 Filter head Drawing


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