Cummins (WET) QSM 11
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Cummins (WET) QSM 11 Specifications

ConfigurationIn-line 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Bore & Stroke125 mm x 147 mm (4.92 in x 5.79 in)
Displacement10.8 L (661 in3)
Aspiration      Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Rotation        Counterclockwise facing flywheel
  • Dependability and long life proven through thousands of hours of reliable commercial and trawler operation
  • Clean, quiet operation with virtually no startup smoke from the high-pressure common-rail fuel system
  • Excellent fuel economy for long range cruising
  • Peace of mind delivered by the Cummins Captain’s Briefing and global service network
Removing and Installing the QSM11 Exhaust Manifold

Removal: Remove the heat shield mounting capscrews. Remove the heat shield. Remove the insulation blanket mounting capscrews. Remove the insulation blanket. Remove an upper capscrew and spacer from each end of the exhaust  manifold  and install guide... Read More

Cummins QSM11 Air Cleaner Options

This may help clear up some of the questions surrounding the QSM Air Cleaner and what options are available when ordering a new engine or for air filter replacement. These options ONLY APPLY to the... Read More

QSM 11 Performance Curves

TypeFile NameHorsepowerRated RPMCPLRatingCurve DateCurve NumberSize

QSM (WET) 30018008590CONMay 10M 2004743.3k

QSM (WET) 30018008590CONMay 10M 2005143.3k

QSM (WET) 35518004334CONOct 16M 20777161.3k

QSM (WET) 35518008590CONMay 10M 2004643.4k

QSM (WET) 35518008590HOMay 10M 2005043.4k

QSM (WET) 40521008590HDHD May 10M 2004543.6k

QSM (WET) 40521008590HOMay 10M 2004943.6k

QSM (WET) 45521008590HOMay 10M 2004843.8k

QSM (WET) 45521008590MCDMay 10M 2003643.8k