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Cummins C Command Connect Premier CIB (12V, 5404220)


Two versions of the CIB, Base and Premier, allow customers flexibility to choose the system that best meets their specific needs. Further to this flexibility Cummins offers optional harnessing in varying lengths, user interfaces and the ED-4 display with 3.5” color display and NMEA 2000 gateway capability for remote monitoring.

C Command Connect Premier provides additional functionality and monitoring over the base system. It includes a CIB with integrated ED-4 display panel, NMEA 2000 output and alarm indication to the helm. Vessel sensor capability allows the operators to monitor fuel level, gear oil pressure and temperature as well as rudder angle. When using the Premier system C Command Connect provides the capability to integrate engine information with helm multifunction display units.

Cummins PN 5404219 = 12V, CIB Basic, no ED-4
Cummins PN 5404220 = 12V, CIB Premier, ED-4 included
Cummins PN 5404221 = 24V, CIB Basic, no ED-4
Cummins PN 5404222 = 24V, CIB Premier, ED-4 included

Shipping Weight

8 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 16 × 10 × 8 in

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c command connect boxC Command Connect

• 12 & 24 Volt versions with no need for voltage converter
• Analog start/stop function
• Internal NMEA 2000 gateway option when at least 1 ED-4 is selected
• Centralized power connection and circuit protection location
• Interface to water in fuel sensor, fire suppression system, analog throttle, neutral safety and idle validation
• Remote start/stop capability with shutdown indicator lamp
• Starter lockout feature

c command connect premier boxC Command Connect Premier  

  • Engine/sensor data and fault code translation to NMEA 2000
  • Translate and broadcast vessel information – gear oil temperature & pressure, fuel tank level, rudder angle, exhaust temperature switch etc.
  • Fault indication in the engine room
  • Service troubleshooting lamps
  • Power provided for OEM vessel sensors
  • Additional I/O include: 2 analog sensor inputs, 1 digital sensor input & 2 relay outputs
  • Starter lockout feature


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