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Checking & Changing the Oil on your ZF Marine Transmission

Oil Level Check (non ATF transmissions)

The oil level check must be done two minutes after turning off the engine. The correct oil level is between the upper and lower marks on the dipstick (see Detail “A”).
After the initial filling or after carrying out repairs or changing the oil filter, run the gearbox for about two minutes. Following this, recheck the oil level two minutes after turning the engine off.

To check the oil in your ATF style transmission, refer to the following articles:


Changing Oil

Remove the filler cap 2 and extract the oil level dipstick, as shown in the figure [1 figure 18 – 19].
Drain off the lubricant oil by removing the drain plugs [3 figure 18 – 19], 2 saving the gaskets. Collect the used oil and observe the binding rules for special waste disposal. Screw in the plugs [3 figure 18 – 19] to torque 90 Nm, fill with oil through the filler cap 2 and screw in the cap to torque 50 Nm.

Figure 18 & 19
Figure 18 & 19