The Cummins QSM11 Marine Engine Story

Time for some QSM11 education.  As you read thru the below, always associate or think this—It’s 20 HP per gallon per hour—example = burn 17.5 GPH = 350 HP that is being asked from the engine – and that is … Read More

Understanding the “Mag Switch” & Cummins Marine Engine Starting Circuit

Why the “Mag Switch”?   OR as it should be called… “Starter Control Relay” Many new starter units are coming supplied with solenoid control relays. These are the small solenoids mounted closely to the starter solenoid. The 39MT series Delco come with … Read More

Understanding Thread Types

When working in and around your boat, understanding the different fastener thread types can be exhausting! Not only are there many different types of fasteners on your boat and marine diesel engine, each of those fasteners can have different threads… … Read More

“Marine Age” the REAL age of a Marine Diesel Engine

I’ve been reading diesel engine owner’s manuals for over 2 decades and between the last three boats I’ve had, and the 100’s that I have worked on, this term never came up? Did I miss something? I think I coined … Read More

Propellers Move Boats, Engines Just Turn Them

Let’s remove the “serious math” …from of all the papers written on vessel movement and try to simplify the way a boat really moves forward and how that is directly related to fuel burn and MPG, and then explain it … Read More

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