Why V-Drives, and then again, Why REMOTE?

Most any smaller vessel (maybe under 80 ft or so) that uses a “V-drive” can really shine when the total layout of the boat is beneficial in accomplishing the five main design features listed below. Add the word “REMOTE” to … Read More

All About Marine Transmission V-Drives

Like many vessel owners, you are not alone if you’re wary when the “V-word” is mentioned. This goes way back, because using a “V-drive” requires a lot more design and installation thought. The general configuration is not forgiving unless done … Read More

Checking & Changing the Oil on your ZF Marine Transmission

Oil Level Check (non ATF transmissions) The oil level check must be done two minutes after turning off the engine. The correct oil level is between the upper and lower marks on the dipstick (see Detail “A”). After the initial filling … Read More

What is Gear Rattle / Chatter?

So what is Gear Rattle? I sometimes describe the sound as “ball bearings” flying around inside the gear… Why?, because it can be a very scary sound. When someone questions a gear noise that may be related to this, a … Read More

Vulastik L (VL) Coupling Failures and Best Replacements

Years back, you could count on the black colored Vulastik L style couplings to fail within the first 1000-2000 hours. They all seemed to and the color of the engine did not matter (on MANS, CATS, Cummins, etc.) and this … Read More

What is a Marine Transmission Trolling Valve?

Most all of the transmissions on the market transmit their power through sets of multiple disk clutches cooled and lubricated by oil. The disks are pressed together by a piston with pressurized oil providing the force necessary to create enough … Read More