Removing the ZF Magnet / Screen from a ZF 220A

Article by: Rob Schepis – October 20, 2016 The Hex nut that is part of the magnetic screen is a shallow hex and is usually TIGHT.  To get a more positive grip modify the socket on a bench grinder to … Read More

Why V-Drives, and then again, Why REMOTE?

Most any smaller vessel (maybe under 80 ft or so) that uses a “V-drive” can really shine when the total layout of the boat is beneficial in accomplishing the five main design features listed below. Add the word “REMOTE” to … Read More

All About Marine Transmission V-Drives

Like many vessel owners, you are not alone if you’re wary when the “V-word” is mentioned. This goes way back, because using a “V-drive” requires a lot more design and installation thought. The general configuration is not forgiving unless done … Read More

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