Which Cummins Marine Aftercooler do I have?

Sometime in mid 2020, Cummins decided to switch vendors for the manufacturing of their marine aftercoolers. The MOTA corporation, based in France was chosen to manufacture the new generation of Cummins marine aftercoolers and are notably different in appearance from … Read More

Aftercooler thoughts, opinions, and answers to some queries…

This is not in defense of CAT or anyone else referencing your total disgust for saltwater cooled aftercoolers that may use aluminum in part of their construction. It’s just that maybe there might be other considerations involved here than just … Read More

Cummins Marine Aftercooler Maintenance

Proper Aftercooler Maintenance The following pictures should help with understanding the Cummins aftercooler on both the B’s and C’s. These pictures are from a current 350 C and are basically identical to all of the C’s including the earliest 400’s. … Read More

Aftercooler Condensation – A different way to look at air

The air around us contains vast amounts of moisture. It’s always there and the amount averages (leaving out the extremes of the world) from about 30% to 75% measured in relative humidity. Of course, if you are like me, the … Read More