Marine Fuel Filtration “The Seaboard Way”

Introduction And I thought you knew all of this stuff – Tons already written on this site about fuel filtration, gimmicks, and the like – many individual postings, a few very long threads, and a few good articles. But in … Read More

Fuel Filtration

Because I’ve been involved with a lot of older boats that have gone from “slow to fast” when repowered, I’ve learned that lots of CRAP can get dislodged from the fuel tank bottoms and walls requiring filtration in “steps.” In … Read More

What is white smoke?

What causes white smoke? What is white smoke? What can we do about white smoke? Why does white smoke seem to be more of a problem now than it was fifteen years ago? Why is it that most of the … Read More

Understanding Fuel Line Sizes vs. Fuel Supply Restriction

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding in the industry as to the correct fuel line sizes to use for various engines when repowering a boat. It’s really a very simple concept to understand once you understand how fuel … Read More

Using the Squeeze Bulb Effectively

You have a couple of options and all work really well depending on how things are set up and what you can easily reach when you are in the engine room: If you can  get to the lift pump on … Read More

Squeeze Bulb Priming on Diesel Powered Boats

Our Politics here to help understand “Squeeze Bulb Priming”. For sure, I have been using Squeeze Bulbs with diesel fuel for well over 20 years now. I still have not seen one rot or fail externally, so to me they … Read More

Understanding Marine Fuel Coolers

First, Let’s understand the “why” about fuel coolers and what they really do: Fuel coolers are part of the typical fuel system on most marine electronic engines and are also used as a factory installed option on many non-electronic engines. … Read More

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