Marine Fuel Filtration “The Seaboard Way”

Introduction And I thought you knew all of this stuff – Tons already written on this site about fuel filtration, gimmicks, and the like – many individual postings, a few very long threads, and a few good articles. But in … Read More

Fuel Filtration

Because I’ve been involved with a lot of older boats that have gone from “slow to fast” when repowered, I’ve learned that lots of CRAP can get dislodged from the fuel tank bottoms and walls requiring filtration in “steps.” In … Read More

Cummins Marine 6CTA 450 Diamond with True 2 Micron Filtration

True 2 Micon Filtration for your 6BTA 270/330/370 or 6CTA 450 Diamond SMX Filter head & Fleetguard FF5488 “common rail” last chance filter