Everything you Need to Know About Marine Exhaust Systems

Introduction Back in the 1970’s I became heavily involved in the mechanics of boats and before I knew it they became my passion. I have been lucky to have gained over 25 years of experience and 10’s of thousands of … Read More

Custom Marine Exhaust for Duane

Duane’s Exhaust Job Here is a custom exhaust job we did and how it all went together… The customer wanted to be proactive because his existing exhaust system was not doing the right job because it was allowing water back … Read More

Designing a Marine Exhaust System

Designing a marine exhaust system for a boat is something that apparently takes the back seat during the planning stages when doing a repower. In new boat construction, the design of many systems seems to center around the “cookie cutter” … Read More

Building a Custom Lift Muffler & Exhaust System

Here are some pics to show you how some “out of the typical box” thinking can help in making the exhaust as it should be – Safe, practical, and politically correct for the vessel to allow an easy “get around … Read More

Marine Exhaust Systems

There are no REQUIRED exhaust sizes for Cummins marine engines; there are RECOMMENDED minimum sizes that may or may not meet the required exhaust restriction requirements published by Cummins. Those two statements above are also applicable to most marine engine … Read More

Marine Dry Exhaust Designs and Ideas

Dry exhaust systems are not very common in the typical marine vessel used in recreational service. There are many reasons why you do not see them although, in many cases, they do have desirable features when designed and installed correctly. … Read More

Underwater Marine Exhaust Systems

Some Thoughts on Underwater Exhaust Systems Underwater exhaust systems can offer many advantages (and some disadvantages) to the overall design on a boat. In some cases, going “underwater” may be the only choice in many applications because exhaust routing from … Read More

What a Marine Diesel Turbo should look like when Inspected

It seems that salt water getting into marine turbochargers from poorly designed exhaust systems is a weekly on-going issue in the forums at boatdiesel.com. It also seems that the vast majority of “Cummins techs”, independent mechanics, and boat owners out … Read More

Custom Yanmar Marine Exhaust Design

  From Original Design to Seaboard Design & HOW WE DO IT! I have no idea what “someone” was thinking. The turbo was just a tad above the water LWL when the boat was loaded and yet they left all … Read More

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