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SMX SeaView J1939 Double Digital Display Kit


Complete instrumentation system package for one engine.

Base kit includes 15 ft. engine-to-display (40-pin interface) with 3-position key switch & two full color displays. Other options also available. System is compatible with Cummins Electronic QSB 5.9 / 6.7, QSC 8.3, QSL 9, & QSM 11 (SmartCraft Only). SMX display units are built & tested in-house per customer specification. Typical lead time is 1 week ARO.

SMX SeaView Documentation

Harness Extension

Available Add-On Options

Please select from the available options below:

Wiring Configuration * 

Please choose which way the engine is configured from the factory. If you do not know, please reference the image on this page to ID the SmartCraft version. SmartCraft v2.X displays require an additional harness.


SMX SeaView J1939 Digital DisplayBase kit includes 15 ft. engine-to-display (40-pin interface) harness with 3-position key switch. The SMX SeaView has a 3.5″ color display with fully integrated input and output features and is part of the new generation of compact, flexible, SuperBright daylight viewing, rugged J1939 displays from Seaboard Marine.

Seaboard also offers dual station configuration options. Contact us for more info.

SMX SeaView Digital J1939 DisplayWith seven analog inputs available, four relay outputs combined with three digital inputs and two CAN input connections plus a USB port the SMX SeaView™ allows for feature-rich maximum functionality.

The SuperBright display is fully sunlight viewable, the unit is totally sealed and is extremely durable against the harsh marine enviroment. TheSMX SeaView™ monitor is equipped to meet the challenge of providing tough, flexible, maintenance free instrumentation in even the very harshest of environments.

Overall panel dimensions: 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 1″

Alarming Capability

The SMX SeaView digital displays have 100% full audio/visual alarming capability. In addition, an external lead can be used that will close an external alarming circuit allowing for the use of externally driven alarm devices such as buzzers, lamps, ect. This will allow the operator to trigger an external existing alarm circuit when the SeaView experiences a engine/gear fault event. For example, if a vessel is already configured with a flow alarm and/or thermal sensing alarm circuit which is indicated by a buzzer/light at the dash, the SeaView alarm output wire can be “tied” into that circuit to indicate an alarm on BOTH the SeaView device and the external buzzer/light circuit. The lead that drives an external alarm is located on PIN 3 of the grey “A” connector on the back of the display unit. This lead will close to ground when an alarm is experienced. If using a 5-pin Bosch style relay, wire one end of the coil to switched 12V+, and use the external alarm lead as the coil NEG. All alarms are saved in the devices alarm panel and can be referenced at a later date.

NMEA Gateway Capabilities

The SMX DigitalView™ Mechanical Engine Digital Display can be fully integrated with robust NMEA 2000 input and output (I/O) features that will allow you to fully display engine operating parameters on your exisiting NMEA 2000 compatible devices such as plotters, GPS, and more.

Available Display Parameters

Engine RPM


Engine Oil Pressure

Coolant Temperature

Turbo Boost Pressure

Intake Manifold (IMT)

Throttle Position (%)

Fuel Rate

Load Percentage

Trip Fuel

Trip Engine Hours

Total Fuel

Engine Hours

Optional Display Parameters

Gear Pressure

Exhaust Temperature

SMX Medusa SmartCraft v2.X Engine Side Harness

SMX Medusa SmartCraft v1.0 Engine Side Harness

SMX Extension Harness

SMX Display Harness


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The main difference between the SmartCraft version 1.0 and the 2.X is the following features:

SmartCraft 2.X Version

  • NO Power Studs located on the side of the engine
  • NO Black SIM Module located on the aftercooler side of the engine
  • There will be an available 4-PIN ECM Power Connection next to the on-engine ECM connections

SmartCraft 1.0 Version

  • There will be two (POS/NEG) power studs on the side of the engine next to the ECM module
  • There will be a small black Motorola SIM module next to the ECM
  • There will NOT be an available 4-PIN ECM Power Connection
Smartcraft 1.0 vs 2.x Processor or ECM
Smartcraft 1.0 vs 2.x Processor or ECM
SMX SeaView J1939 Double Digital Display Kit
SMX SeaView J1939 Double Digital Display Kit
Example of an SMX Twin Engine Instrumentation Setup
Example of an SMX Twin Engine Instrumentation Setup

SeaViews in 35 Pursuit (2)

SeaViews in 35 Pursuit