Cummins Marine Twin Engine Performance Difference Tolerances

When comparing you Port & Starboard engines in a twin engine boat——-Always “think” these engines could have up to 10% tolerance in overall operation before you start worrying or thinking something is wrong when asking WHY one engine seems to … Read More

Choosing the 160F or 180F Thermostat for your Cummins 6BTA

Choosing the correct thermostat for your Cummins Marine 6BTA can sometimes be a tricky process… And although the Cummins factory has been supplying all B5.9 Marine engines with 180F stats since their introduction in 1985, IMO, as the 5.9 increased … Read More

Removing and Installing the QSM11 Exhaust Manifold

Removal: Remove the heat shield mounting capscrews. Remove the heat shield. Remove the insulation blanket mounting capscrews. Remove the insulation blanket. Remove an upper capscrew and spacer from each end of the exhaust  manifold  and install guide studs, Part Number 3376488. Remove … Read More

Engine Oil Myths

Myth: Small, higher revving engines run hotter than larger engines. Fact: Not so. Engine temperatures depend more on the number of accessories operating, vehicle weight, driving conditions, ambient temperatures and condition of the cooling system. Myth: SAE 20W-50 or SAE … Read More

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