The Story of Cummins & Mercury SmartCraft “AKA SmartCRAP”

“SmartCraft” is a Mercury thing that started with their electronic outboards and is still the backbone of their gas engines & outboards. There have been so many changes and revisions over the years that even the Mercury “lifers” can’t keep … Read More

Cummins Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Wiring

Black = GROUND White = SUCK IN Red / Purple = HOLD OPEN

The Myths & Realities of Using Pipe Dope on Threads

Article By: Rob Schepis Much too often on the boating technical forums the questions are asked about installing zincs and the risk of using a pipe dope. The concern is that anything other than clean bare threads may “impede” a … Read More

Sending Unit & Sensor Locations for Cummins Marine Diesels

The following pictures will help you locate your engine sending units (senders) & sensors on your Cummins Marine engines. 6BT / 6BTA 5.9 Oil Pressure Coolant Temperature 6CTA 8.3 (Mechanical) Oil Pressure Coolant Temperature QSB 5.9 Oil Pressure Coolant Temperature … Read More

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