1.5″ Gear Oil Cooler to HX Tube


1.5″ Gear Oil Cooler to Heat Exchanger tube. Fits many older vintage 6BTA’s with the 1.5″ Raw Water Circuit. Such as 300, 315, 330 and the first few rounds of 370’s to hit the market. See images below.

Shipping Weight

1 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

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There are a couple of versions of the tube that runs from the Gear Oil Cooler to the Heat Exchanger. This tube is connected with two 90 degree hoses(HS2965). Currently we are only able to source the newer tube. See pictures below where we successfully test fit this newer tube on and older 6BTA330. Note that the Heat Exchanger must have the inlet that points straight down. We also have the two HS2965 hoses available.