The DieselView Story:

Tens of thousands of Cummins marine electronically controlled diesel engines (QSB 5.9, QSC 8.3, & QSL 9) have been fitted with the SmartCraft DieselView LCD displays (Roughly 2004 thru 2009). Unfortunately, the LCD displays have a very colorful history in that they have shown chronic patterns of failure and tend to suffer from the dreaded “screen burn”. With the displays no longer in production, they have become close to impossible to source. Seaboard has spent countless hours putting together digital instrumentation packages as upgrades to the aging DieselView platforms.

Does your display look like this?

Diesel View Back 2

Diesel View Back

DieselView Part Numbers: 3978054, 3976498, 3969777, 4929300, 4932604

Upgrade Option #1: J1939 SMX SeaView

Scrap the “SmartCrap”, Go J1939

Although the Mercury-based SmartCraft system has evolved over the years, it remains a complex and over-engineered instrumentation system. At it’s core, the SmartCraft system is basically compilation of proprietary harnessing, integration modules, and displays that do nothing but convert the engines output data signal (SAE J1939) and converts this signal to it’s proprietary SmartCraft language via the SIM module. The real pitfall of the SmartCraft system is it’s complexity in that it attempts to integrate and bridge multiple elements of the complete vessel including the engine, boat peripherals such as depth, speed, etc. and much more… this complex electrical system works well when everything is setup correctly and the physical system is kept spotless. However, in the real practical world (one that involves saltwater) the system is very prone to failure due to corrosion and simple mismanagement that can lead to chafed wires, water intrusion, loose connections and the list goes on from there.

SeaView Upgrade PROS

  1. Simplified Wiring Structure. Minimum 8 wires to run and manage the entire engine.
  2. Small form factor, saves on overall dash space.
  3. Built-in NMEA 2000 gateway option available which allows the transmit of all engine related data to your existing NMEA 2000 compliant devices (GPS, Chartplotter, MFDs, etc.)
  4. Analog input which allows for the addition of external parameter inputs such as transmission pressure & temperature, exhaust temperature, and fuel level.

SeaView Upgrade CONS

  1. This upgrade requires a complete replacement of harnessing from the engine to the dash area.
  2. Small form factor, although this can be a benefit to some… some users actually prefer a larger screen for viewing a large amount of parameters at once. The SeaView allows 4 pages of 4 engine parameters to be viewed. The “Double Double” screens option allows 8 total parameters to be viewed at a time.
  3. The smaller SeaView display will require that you retrofit your dash area as the display will be smaller in dimension than the existing DieselView.

SMX SeaView J1939 Color Display

SMX 40-pin Vessel Harness
SMX 40-pin Vessel Harness

SMX SeaView J1939 Double Digital Display Kit
SMX SeaView J1939 Double Digital Display Kit

The SMX SeaView™ J1939 Digital Display is fully integrated with robust input and output (I/O) features and is part of the new generation of compact, flexible, rugged CAN bus monitors from Seaboard Marine.

With seven analog inputs available, four relay outputs combined with three digital inputs and two CAN input connections plus a USB port the SMX SeaView allows for feature-rich maximum functionality.

The SuperBright display is fully sunlight viewable, the unit is totally sealed and is extremely durable against the harsh marine enviroment. The SMX SeaView monitor is equipped to meet the challenge of providing tough, flexible, maintenance free instrumentation in even the very harshest of environments.

View the SMX SeaView Digital Display

Upgrade Option #2: The Latest VesselView

Upgrade SmartCraft to the newer VesselView 4 or 7 Display

Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 4 & 7
Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 4 & 7

While this option is not our favorite at Seaboard, it does sometimes prove to be a viable solution… especially if you as a boat owner are already “pot committed” with a fully distributed SmartCraft system and modifying your dash or running new harnesses is not necessarily in the cards. A VesselView upgrade can however be a bit more complicated because of the compatibility of the SmartCraft components such as the SIM module.

As the DieselView instrumentation progressed over time, there were many iterations of SIM module releases, all applying various fixes to certain “issues”… through this migration, the SIM modules proved to not be compatible with the newer VesselView displays (See the compatibility matrix below). Before deciding whether or not to upgrade, determining if you have compatible SIM modules will be your first step.

VesselView 502 / VesselView 702 Compatibility

The VesselView 502 / VesselView 702 series displays from Mercury are partially compatible with the Cummins Marine diesel engines. However, this option is not Seaboard recommended as the platform is complicated and not 100% compatible with SmartCraft v1.0 engines. 

VesselView Upgrade PROS

  1. Eliminates a complete replacement of harnessing from the engine to the dash area. All that is required is to swap the display harness and display itself.
  2. Upgrading to a VesselView minimizes potential learning curves for the interface.
  3. Upgrading to a VesselView 4 can be considered the lowest cost option for budget conscience owners.

VesselView Upgrade CONS

  1. Continues the use of a complicated wiring structure that is difficult to troubleshoot.
  2. Smaller VesselView requires retrofit of the dash area.

Before you can upgrade, you MUST determine your SIM revision to see if it is compatible with the newer VesselView displays:

Figure 1.1 SIM Module Date Code
Figure 1.1 SIM Module Date Code

In order to determine if your SIM module is late enough to be compatible, you must first go to your engine(s) and view the date code that is printed on the side of the SIM module (See figure 1.1). If the date code meets REV 4 or later, then the SIM module is compatible and will not need to be replaced as a part of the system upgrade. If the SIM module falls in between REV 1 thru REV 3, then the SIM module will need to be replaced as a part of the upgrade.

View/Purchase Cummins compatible SIM module


Revision LevelPart NumbersProduction Date / Date CodeCompatible?
Rev 1Diesel View:  3969777
SIM:  3969792 (QSB, QSC, QSL) & 3976026 (QSM)
Rev 2Diesel View:  3969777
SIM:  3969792 (QSB, QSC, QSL) & 3976026 (QSM)
Rev 3Diesel View:  3976498
SIM:  3969792 (QSB, QSC, QSL) & 3976026 (QSM)


Revision LevelPart NumbersProduction Date / Date CodeCompatible?
Rev 4Diesel View:  3978054
SIM:  3978055 (QSB, QSC, QSL) & 3978056 (QSM)
Rev 5Diesel View:  4929300
SIM:  4929301 (QSB, QSC, QSL) & 4929302 (QSM)
Rev 5ADiesel View:  4932604Apr-05YES


VesselView Upgrade Parts:

SmartCraft SIM Module

*SmartCraft SIM Module (Optional)

Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 4 & 7
Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 4 & 7

VesselView Digital Display

Cummins Marine VesselView Display Harness

VesselView Display Harness

Cummins SmartCraft VesselView Adapter Harness

VesselView Display Adapter Harness

View the Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 4 in. Upgrade Kit

View the Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 7 in. Upgrade Kit

SmartCraft DieselView & VesselView Digital Display Dimensions

SmartCraft DieselView & VesselView Digital Display Dimensions