The Cummins QSM11 Marine Engine Story

Time for some QSM11 education.  As you read thru the below, always associate or think this—It’s 20 HP per gallon per hour—example = burn 17.5 GPH = 350 HP that is being asked from the engine – and that is … Read More

“Marine Age” the REAL age of a Marine Diesel Engine

I’ve been reading diesel engine owner’s manuals for over 2 decades and between the last three boats I’ve had, and the 100’s that I have worked on, this term never came up? Did I miss something? I think I coined … Read More

Propellers Move Boats, Engines Just Turn Them

Let’s remove the “serious math” …from of all the papers written on vessel movement and try to simplify the way a boat really moves forward and how that is directly related to fuel burn and MPG, and then explain it … Read More

Continuous Duty – A Different Perspective

When looking through engine literature and talking with sales people, often times the term “continuous duty” is brought up to help make a point or even sell one product over another. Here’s my perspective on the subject. Let’s take all … Read More

Understanding Low Power Troubleshooting

How engine loading and propellers interact with vessel performance When troubleshooting a LOW POWER symptom, or a low RPM issue on any high performance marine diesel that uses mechanical fuel injection (meaning NO Electronics, or a true diesel that can … Read More

Propping a Cummins Mechanical Diesel Engine

Mechanical engines, due to the nature of the mechanical, non-isochronous governors, must be propped solely on the attainable engine speed at full throttle, steady state conditions. Unlike electronic engines governors which have a precise, predetermined, and consistent governor set point; mechanical engines … Read More

Which Way Does My Engine Turn?

One will find that much of the confusion in the marine industry as to Right Hand / CW, or Left Hand/CCW rotation may have its roots based on the early definitions used by the Detroit Diesel Corporation (from just before … Read More

Engine Life vs. Engine Loading

Overview I’d like to express a few thoughts on this subject as it has come up many times in the past (at least indirectly) and many times just after some type of catastrophic engine failure that some unfortunate boater has … Read More

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