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ZF 220A or ZF 220V Coupling Removal & Seal Replacement

A leaking seal is most likely related to “wear & tear” (maybe rust), and/or a leaking thru-bolt that connects the coupling… Either way, it’s an easy fix IF access is good and the gear is not a total rust bucket…

Be sure to polish out the seal landing area on the coupling using a lathe with 150G & oil before putting it all back together… Install all with Rectorseal #5 and be sure to use grease on the seal contact area.

You will need a medium duty but small puller of some type to remove the coupling unless the bolt has been loose and the spline has worn… As gears go, the 220A is easy to deal with IF it’s EXTERIOR is not too rusty… If it is, then you will need to be much more clever in dealing with it. The new seal can be matched at a good bearing house (maybe $35?). Good access will play a major roll in the amount of frustration for the job………

Standard RH thread – It is very tight & is supposed to be (275 NM). To loosen, we recommend to always use an good IMPACT wrench if possible… You just need the right tools. One to lock the hub and the other to loosen the BOLT.

As I said, access is the key along with the proper tools to do the job. Good Luck!!

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