The 30 years we have been involved with Cummins engines used in commercial applications has led us (Seaboard) to fill a void the Cummins factory seems to not want to get involved in. Offering various types of Power Take-Off options to allow off-engine equipment to be driven from the engine. Other than a very basic 2-Groove front pulley arrangement, and in a few select applications, a gear drive auxiliary pad, we have had to design, build and install dozens of custom PTO designs to meet the unique needs of commercial operators that require hydraulic power and or additional water pumps and alternators to power the vessels mechanical systems that are part of vessel day-to-day operations. Options for up to 100 HP have been built that have shown to be “long term reliable” and are unique to the owners requirements.

QSB 6.7 Front PTO
QSB 6.7 Front PTO

Front Driven PTO's
Front Driven PTO’s

QSM11 PTO (1)
QSM11 Custom Alternator PTO with front Pulley Drive