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Early 6BTA 5.9 Diamond Complete Hose Kit (1.5″ Raw Water Hoses)


Kit includes a variable number of hoses for the early 6BTA 5.9 330/370 HP Diamond Models with 1.5″ Raw Water Hoses depending on your configuration. Kit does not include fuel supply & return hoses or the factory HX to exhaust elbow hose.

Please refer to the product description tab below to help you understand how to put purchase a complete hose kit specific to your engine setup.

Shipping Weight

15 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 18 × 11 × 7 in
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The early 6BTA 5.9 engines had many different hose configurations, please review the following (3) sections to make the correct configuration choices are made for your complete hose kit.

Section #1: Fuel Cooler Plumbing

Examples of engines that are configured WITHOUT an on-engine FUEL COOLER & that have an 1.5″ raw water hose circuit and an S-PIPE:

Section #2: Thermostat Plumbing

Below pictures are some examples of early 6B engines that incorporated a steel tube between the heat exchanger and the thermostat housing:

This configuration has a molded hose with NO steel tube.

Section #3: Turbo Oil Drain Plumbing

Below are pictures of engines that have a turbo oil drain line/tube that incorporates the usage of two small hoses. Alternate drain line will appear corrugated and pressed into the engine block:


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