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Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 403 Upgrade Kit


VesselView 403 is an all new direct sunlight viewable color display that displays vessel, navigational and engine data for up to 2 engines simultaneously.

** NOTE: The VV403 upgrade kit will not operate any existing SC100 links, SC1000 monitors and SC1000 “analog” style needle gauges. If you have these, only the VV7 upgrade will allow them to continue to work. ** 

Kit includes VesselView 403 and harnessing.

Works with Gen 1 (SmartCraft v1.0) Engines and newer.

Gateway functionality to allow SmartCraft data to be displayed on NMEA 2000 devices.

Are you upgrading from a Cummins SmartCraft DieselView or SystemView display?

Read here: http://www.sbmar.com/cummins-dieselview-display-upgrades/

VesselView 403 Documentation

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For customers that currently have the Cummins DieselView or SystemView Display

The DieselView Story:

Tens of thousands of Cummins marine electronically controlled diesel engines have been fitted with the SmartCraft DieselView LCD displays (Roughly 2004 thru 2009). Unfortunately, the LCD displays have a very colorful history in that they have shown chronic patterns of failure and tend to suffer from the dreaded “screen burn”. With the displays no longer in production, they have become close to impossible to source. Seaboard has spent countless hours putting together digital instrumentation packages as upgrades to the aging DieselView platforms.

Diesel View Back 2

Diesel View Back

DieselView Part Numbers: 3978054, 3976498, 3969777, 4929300, 4932604

Learn more about upgrading here: http://www.sbmar.com/cummins-dieselview-display-upgrades/


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  • Features a bright, 4″ glass screen with glare-reducing coating and dimmable lighting
  • Low profile front mount with sleek optimized button-only user interface
  • Active Trim interface so that the Active Trim dash pad is not required. Requires a GPS source.
  • Includes WiFi support for easier software updates.
  • Descriptive fault text display provides up-to-date information for over 30 engine parameters
  • Supports up to 4 engines and can simultaneously display information for up to 2 engines in an easy-to-read interface
  • Whether you ski, wakeboard or surf, Smart Tow makes boating easier and more fun by delivering consistent, dialed-in pulls for all tow sport activities
  • Gateway functionality to allow SmartCraft data to be displayed on NMEA 2000 devices
  • Supports 16 languages and multiple unit conversions
  • Troll Control can set engine trolling speed in increments of 10 RPM for precise control