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Cummins Mercury SmartCraft VesselView Adapter Harness


Manufacturer: Mercury / Cummins Marine
Cummins P/N: 4993480

Also Known As:
M&G E8115384

Shipping Weight

1 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

Only 1 left in stock


Installing New Vessel View on SC1.0

  • When installing ANY new Vessel View display on an existing SmartCraft 1.0 installation an adapter harness MUST be used on ALL Vessel Views installed.
  • This is due to harness and CAN circuit interferences with the newer displays
  • Cummins part number 4993480 harness breaks the CAN H circuit so it will not interfere with the SC1.0 J1939 CAN circuits when plugged into J-block.
  • Many erroneous faults will occur or even loss of communications
  • Often shows up as “No SIM J193” errors on display
  • This harness must be added to any Mercury kit order when figuring on display replacements in the field.
VesselView Adapter Harness Info
VesselView Adapter Harness Info


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