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Cummins SmartCraft VesselView 7 Upgrade Kit

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VesselView 7 is an all new direct sunlight viewable color display that displays vessel, navigational and engine data for up to 2 engines simultaneously. Kit includes VesselView 7 and harnessing. Works with Gen 1 (SmartCraft v1.0) Engines and newer.

Are you upgrading from a Cummins SmartCraft DieselView or SystemView display?

Read here: http://www.sbmar.com/cummins-dieselview-display-upgrades/

VesselView 7 Documentation

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For customers that currently have the Cummins DieselView or SystemView Display

The DieselView Story:

Tens of thousands of Cummins marine electronically controlled diesel engines have been fitted with the SmartCraft DieselView LCD displays (Roughly 2004 thru 2009). Unfortunately, the LCD displays have a very colorful history in that they have shown chronic patterns of failure and tend to suffer from the dreaded “screen burn”. With the displays no longer in production, they have become close to impossible to source. Seaboard has spent countless hours putting together digital instrumentation packages as upgrades to the aging DieselView platforms.

Diesel View Back 2

Diesel View Back

DieselView Part Numbers: 3978054, 3976498, 3969777, 4929300, 4932604

Learn more about upgrading here: http://www.sbmar.com/cummins-dieselview-display-upgrades/


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