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    Vessel Name: Lsquared
    Engines: Cummins 6CTA
    Location: East coast
    Country: USA

    Hey all

    New to the site and have been looking around and see some great things, glad i joined.

    So into my 4th boat with his one being the first diesel boat.  We just reached an accord and will be moving towards survey.

    Question is.

    What do i specifically look for and ask for in the engine survey.  I have 2 different folks, one being specifically for the engine survey.  So I am hoping for a more in depth report.

    The engines are twin 2001 6 CTA with 2300 hours.  I’ve been thru some engine rooms and have to say there was not a drop of anything or soot anywhere to be found and the boat has been sitting since January of this year.

    thoughts..input greatly accepted!

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    William Walter
    Vessel Name: Positive rate
    Engines: Cummings 480ce
    Location: Long island
    Country: Usa

    Engine survey

    L square just purchased a boat in July.i thought under engines was clean but it turned out I had an oil leak. Surveyor never saw it. If I had it to do it over again I would put some clean diapers under the engine and run it at wot for quite a while.cheak the diapers after running hard .you never know if something was cleaned for sale or was maintained.i would also go to manufacture and get specs for your engine.compare them to what numbers you get from your surveyor. Also the exterior may not tell you what’s going on inside.although the outside of my aftercooler looked great the inside needed attention.i suspect because it was a Florida boat and sat some it affected its marine life.new term I learned after spending some time on this site.good luck Bill


    Rob Schepis
    Vessel Name: Tenacious
    Engines: 6BTA 5.9 330's - "Seaboard Style"
    Location: Long Island, NY
    Country: USA

    Where are the pictures?

    Appearance is a big teller of things.  External appearance and signs of marine age are the cover that the book is rightfully first judged upon in this business.

    Original paint with all well taken care of or a rattle can cover up job?

    Any “real” records… not oil changes, zinc and impellers..

    Brown discoloration on the turbo, the air tube and inlet side of the aftercooler from an overloaded engine and/or a nut behind the wheel?

    The best place to start is posting up some real good photos right here.  Close-ups, overviews, all angles, all in focus.

    Where are you at with it now?  Have you been out to sea on her? or at least started her cold cold at the dock or on the hard?  That’s your compression test right there: compression = heat = start.  Good cold start speaks for injectors/pump too.

    Will the deal allow the aftercoolers to be opened up, cores removed?….Probably not gonna happen.  But the “debated” oil sample may tell you if anything has gone astray such as sodium in the oil from a leaking aftercooler.  Any external corrosion, especially at the lower cap?

    Pumps leaking?

    Will the deal allow pulling the elbow from the turbo outlet to check for corrosion and signs of saltwater egress?….Probably not gonna happen.   But good photos of the exhaust system will tell if it’s proper or not.  With any luck there will be boost gauges installed.  Much soot on the transom?

    What CCV system?  Oil around turbo from neglected Air-Sep?

    A sea trial under load – monitor the smoke, ease of planning, temps, pressures, blowby..

    Does she make rated rpms and more and make it easy?  ((via photo-tach not dash tach)

    What kind of hull and is there a trouble getting over the hump?

    Who is doing engine survey?

    A “Surveyor”?


    An independent Cummins mechanic?


    That’s a start..






    "Luck is the residue of good design."


    Tony Athens
    Vessel Name: Local Banks
    Engines: QSL9 405
    Location: Oxnard, CA
    Country: USA


    You came to the right place and the “Seaboard Team” along with some of our readers will get you going in the right direction…………………

    1)   Engine survey———Let’s do it here first. That means I need 20++ real good pics from your engine room (or rooms) showing everything as if I, Corey,  or Rob Schepis, ( actually all of us) was (or we were)  crawling around down there..

    I will 100% guarantee you that if the pics are good (like on this web site) . we will miss NOTHING and we’ll  see way more than  “Joe Surveyor “ will?.. Believe me , I have met the best of the best, yet I have yet to meet just ONE that really knows the Cummins mid-range engines and what to look for on a visual, or what to questions to ask…


    2)   Let’s see the boat itself, the helm station(s)  and let’s get the engines serial numbers so I can look them up..


    3)   As to a paid survey at this time, let’s do all the sorting out here for the cost of YOUR TIME ( we’ll throw some in au-gratis)  and share as much as we can so both your and all the rest reading here  can learn too..

    In so many words, put us “on the boat” via good pictures, and tell us as much as possible and we’ll all move forward from there.  Forget this, send them to me direct in hi-res besides posting here for all to see.


    Tony Athens
    Seaboard Founder

    Go here for the latest stuff we put together and share for all to see:


    Vessel Name: Lsquared
    Engines: Cummins 6CTA
    Location: East coast
    Country: USA

    Thanks everyone for a quick response.  I’ll do my best to answer each question.

    At this point I just signed the contract and am planning on survey Jan. 6th  Unfortunately I cannot get pics as the boat is 900 miles away but will ask to see if I can get any.  I looked at the boat over the thanksgiving week so all this is from memory.

    The engines were not repainted that I could tell and I’ve seen a ton of those for sale.

    There are records but have to be translated as they are in spanish.  the boat was in the yucatan and just came over via its hull the start of this year then sat since then.  as for detailed records, I sincerely doubt that. 🙁

    The turbos were not discolored that I saw which was a good sign for me.

    The air seps were changed and looked brand new.

    I did not see any signs of leakeage, these were the most impressive engines I’ve seen thus far that why I agreed to move forward even with 2300 hours.

    I will have a hull surveyor and an engine surveyor.

    I doubt I will be able to tear the motor apart for inspection but was hopeful I could get it at least “scoped” for a better look inside.

    I will do my best to get pics and at the very least the serial numbers.

    The engine surveyor comes highly recommended from my broker.  here is his link, his resume is the bottom link on the right.



    Here is the boat.



    Thanks you guys are awesome.

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